Where’s My Tax Refund?

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April 17, 2018
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Where’s My Tax Refund?

Why didn’t I receive my tax refund?

In general, an individual can expect his/her tax refund mailed or directly deposited to his account depending whether he filed his taxes electronically or sent his tax return by mail. In addition, direct bank deposits will be processed earlier than mail refunds.

IRS Hotline

If 28 days have passed after the IRS says it mailed a refund check, “Where’s My Refund?” Taxpayers without internet access can check the status of their refunds by calling the IRS Tele Tax System at 800-829-4477 or the IRS Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954. Though, the IRS encourages filers to use the official IRS website to check their refund status, which is typically updated once a day. Many online filing tools also allow you to track your refund.

Tips to Speed Up Your Tax Refund

In order for someone to receive the fastest tax refund, you’ll want to e-file your return and use direct deposit for your refund. Making sure your return is complete and error free will also help. Remember, the deadline for filing your tax return this year is April 18th. Please remember that every tax return in the U.S.A. is audited. All Federal tax returns are automatically matched to the IRS database. Employers are required to submit W2s (total wages and withholdings) and 1099s for all their employees to the IRS by Jan 31st.

If you feel you need assistance with your filing, contact us right away!

Refund Timelines

  • e-filed returns with direct deposit will receive refunds within two weeks
  • e-filed returns with mailed refunds will receive refunds within three weeks
  • paper-filed returns with direct deposit will receive refunds within four weeks
  • paper-filed returns with mailed refunds will receive refunds within five weeks

No Tax Refund At All

The IRS might have used your refund to pay down a tax debt or other debt – such as a student loan or child support – and you haven’t been notified of that action, yet.

Innocent Spouse Relief

If you believe you are entitled to all or part of the refund because your spouse is solely responsible for the debt, you may be able to claim that you are an Injured Spouse. With Innocent Spouse Relief, you can be relieved of the responsibility for paying tax, interest, and if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return. However, you must meet several conditions to qualify for Innocent Spouse Relief.

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