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Innocent spouse could be filed when the IRS seeks to collect the unpaid taxes accrued during the years you were married to your spouse. Filing the innocent spouse relief will seek to protect against collecting such tax debt from you. Several factors will be assessed by the IRS to determine the veracity of your claim. One of the most important factors to consider is spousal abuse which has to do with investigating whether the spouse is a victim of domestic violence or abuse.

Victims of such domestic and spousal abuse often have unpleasant experiences to share which could make it difficult to provide the vital details if emotions sets in. Therefore, in the course of pleading your case before the IRS, there is certain information you need to note and focus on providing for increasing your chances of getting an innocent spouse relief. Here are some helpful tips for claiming an innocent spouse relief from spousal abuse.

  1. You need to inform the IRS about any form of domestic violence or spousal abuse you or any member of your family have been subjected to, leading to you filing for relief on Form 8857.
  2. If you want your plea to be considered by the IRS, you need to complete an extra section on Form 8857. Though this is not mandatory, it’s necessary to strengthen your request further. The information in this section can also be presented orally rather than writing, depending on your literacy level and how well you can express yourself in writing.
  3. The form will contain a long checkbox list of domestic violence and abuse situations, such as hitting, verbal abuse, criticizing, or stalking, and you will be required to check as it applies to your specific case.
  4. You will then be asked to describe the abuse you have experienced briefly. You will specify dates when the abuse started and how you have been affected by it.
  5. Your claims should also be supported by documents such as medical reports, police reports, court restraining orders, messages and photographs of your injuries.
  6. You must have reported such case of abuse to the police, and this should be stated in your report, detailing if and when the arrest was made and whether the accused spouse was charged to court. It’s imperative to note that your spouse or former spouse as the case may be will be contacted by IRS if you file for innocent spouse relief.

It is never a good experience having to deal with tax debt and it’s more difficult when you were in a situation involving domestic violence or abuse. This is why you need to know how best to file for innocent spouse relief as it can protect you and exonerate you from paying tax debts owed by your spouse. Any abuse or domestic violence in marriage needs to be reported because of cases like this where you might need to file for innocent spouse relief in the future.

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