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A Strategic Business Plan is much more than a tool to obtain financing or investing partners.  A strategic plan helps clarify the company’s direction. It can ensure that the key leaders are all on the same page, and keeps both management and staff focused on the tasks at hand.


A Strategic Plan is often needed when…

  • Starting a new venture, product or service

  • Expanding a current organization, product or service

  • Buying a new business, product or service

  • Turning around a declining business

  • Managing an existing business

  • Employees are not reaching their goals

  • Employees are not working as a team

  • Build competitive advantage


There are three types of business analysis.  The SWAT analysis, the PESTLE analysis and a RATIO analysis.

A SWAT analysis stands for  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

The strengths and weaknesses of a company are internal facts of a business in which the business management have some control over and can change. On the other hand, opportunities and threats are the external components of a business and are beyond the business management’s control.

A PESTEL analysis stands for  Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental.

This tool helps identifying most of the various external factors that might affect a business. The goal is to figure out just how the different factors influence business performance.

A Ratio analysis consists of calculating the financial performance of a business using five basic types of ratios: profitability, liquidity, activity, debt, and market.

A Ratio analysis can compare two companies within the same industry for their performance. Additionally, it is a great tool for analyzing quarterly changes in a single company.

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