Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

Income Tax Preparation

We prepare tax return forms for the following entities.

Individuals (Form 1040 including schedules A, B, D, E, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6)

Sole Proprietorship (Form 1040 schedule C)

Partnerships (Form 1065)

Limited Liability Company (Depending on classification)

C Corporation (Form 1120)

S  Corporation (Form 1120S)

Trust (Form 1041)

Estate (Form 706)

Gift & generation-skipping transfer (Form 709)

In addition, we file most state and local Municipality tax forms.

Urgent Tax Services offers a variety of tax services to its clients all over the U.S.A. Our goal is to provide tax preparation and planning solutions to match the particular needs of each client whether they’re a small business owner or individual taxpayer. We can recommend tax saving strategies, prepare your tax return and become your personal tax adviser.