Tax Resolution for Loss of License & Passport

Tax resolution for loss of NY State Drivers License or Passport

If you are a New York State resident and you owe back taxes, the state can put the brakes on your activities. New York State can suspend your driver's license and recommend that the State Department revoke your passport. Here at Urgent Tax Services, we understand that losing your driver's license is a significant issue that can disrupt daily life. After all, if you're like most New Yorkers, driving is necessary to get to work, the grocery store, medical appointments, and to take your children to school and other activities. And in some situations, a passport is just as essential, especially for those who must travel internationally for business.

Our Brooklyn, NY Enrolled Agent team of tax professionals is prepared to help resolve your issues so that you can get back in the driver's seat. We assess your unique situation and determine your eligibility. We will also determine the best resolution to clear your tax debt so you're on the road again soon!

New York State Tax Resolution for Suspended License

If you're facing suspension of your driver's license or passport due to back taxes in New York State, call us today at 917-310-0348 or schedule a free consultation online to learn how our qualified New York State Enrolled Agents can get you back on track.